Why is Technology Important in Nursing?

Technological advancements have improved patient outcomes in many fields, including nursing. A robot that can perform surgery is proving to be a life saver for stressed nurses, while AI can diagnose diseases more quickly than humans. Patients provide health data, but they may not know the AI tools are analyzing it. But technology is not only improving patient care; it’s also making life easier for nurses, too. The future of nursing looks bright with robotic technologies and AI.

One area in which technology has improved the work of nurses is improved communication. For instance, EHRs make patient data accessible from any location. Electronic health records are easily shared with other healthcare professionals, which reduces the likelihood of human errors. Another example is telehealth, which allows nurses to provide care to patients from remote locations. However, this method is not without its drawbacks, including regulatory barriers and technical difficulties. It may not be right for every situation, but it can be a valuable tool in improving the overall quality of care.

While the use of technology has improved communication and patient care, there are still challenges. Older nurses may not be tech-savvy, and they may be slower to adopt new technology than their younger colleagues. Also, baby boomers make up approximately half of the RN staff. Furthermore, they may have less time for technological adaptation. This may result in a higher risk for aging nurses as they become less willing to embrace new developments.


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