Why Are Video Games So Expensive?

In this article we’ll examine why video games are so expensive, particularly new ones. While game development has gotten much more complex over the years, the original $60 price has remained constant. A new “Super Mario” game for the Nintendo Switch or a new Call of Duty game for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will cost $60 – and that doesn’t include special editions or other content.

One reason that video games are so expensive is because they cost more to develop than they did in the past. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said in August that game developers haven’t seen a significant price increase in front-line prices in many years. As a result, game costs have increased, with an average increase of two to 10 times for Triple-A games.

The price point of new games doesn’t do much for the stores. Publishers can use strong arm tactics to keep their games at that price. This has even been the cause of a halt to shipments of new games. The publisher doesn’t even need to manufacture a box. Plus, digital games have the advantage of being on sale forever. If a game sells for more than its suggested price, it’s still more profitable for the publisher.

Another reason for high prices is the in-game content. Some video games are limited by the number of characters available, so players can buy extra content at an additional cost. If you’re looking for a new game, it’s worth exploring the in-game marketplace for in-game purchases. Many popular games today require players to purchase additional content through microtransactions, which often exceed $60.

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