What Are the Different Types of Entertainment Media?

The various forms of entertainment vary according to culture, time period, and technology. Some are presented on tablet computers, while others require large structures to entertain large numbers of people. For example, the Colosseum in Rome was dedicated in AD 80, and was capable of seating fifty thousand spectators. The events there were often blood sports, as well as stage shows and other forms of entertainment. But the most widely-known forms of entertainment are movies, TV, and stage shows.

Today, entertainment comes in many forms, including movies, comic books, television, and print media. There are even cable television channels that offer subscription-based programming. These often have a more narrow focus, such as sports, education, or youth-oriented topics. In addition to television, people can also watch live television or purchase DVDs. Entertainment can be fun for all ages, and a variety of formats makes it easy to find something for everyone.

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Some forms of entertainment have evolved over the centuries, in response to cultural and historical shifts. Historically, public executions were considered entertainment. But later, these activities were removed from public view and became necessary skills for the professions in which they were practiced. Others evolved into sports and became forms of entertainment. Entertainment is an important part of human life, but it is not limited to the media. The different types of entertainment are also based on audience appeal and the mediums they use.

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