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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Whether you decide to insure your pet for medical expenses or just as a security measure, there are several considerations to consider. Some pet insurance policies don’t cover preexisting conditions. In this case, you should seek out a different policy. If you are considering buying insurance for your pet, you should read reviews of the company to make sure it is reliable and offers good service. Also, check out the deductible amounts. Some policies have an annual deductible while others have per-incident deductibles. For accident-prone pets, it’s a good idea to look for a higher annual deductible. Unlike traditional health insurance, a deductible for your pet’s medical care isn’t permanent and can be applied to multiple claims.

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Another consideration is the age of your pet. Certain companies don’t cover pre-existing conditions, which can invalidate coverage. It’s best to enroll your pet when it’s young, but some policies only cover seniors and newborns. Be aware of the age restrictions, as they may limit the options you have. You should always make sure your pet is healthy before purchasing an insurance policy.

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Some companies offer accident-only policies, which are significantly cheaper than others. A pet insurance company charged $35 a month for an accident-only plan, which doesn’t increase as the pet gets older. However, be sure to check if your pet’s health insurance has deductibles and co-pays. Also, consider the yearly limit for benefits. In this way, you can reduce the premium cost while still getting maximum benefits for your pet.

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