Is Pet Insurance Worth It For Midsize Dogs?

If you have a midsize dog, you may be wondering whether pet insurance is worth the cost. Despite the relatively low monthly premiums, pet insurance plans often have high deductibles. Considering the amount of vet bills your midsize dog will incur over the course of the year, pet insurance is a great way to protect yourself financially. But before you buy pet insurance, here are some important things to consider. Click here to get most popular news.


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A high deductible means that you pay more out-of-pocket for vet visits. A lower deductible, on the other hand, means that you’ll be reimbursed for your midsized dog’s expenses in full. Another factor to consider is the level of reimbursement your dog receives. A high reimbursement rate means that you’ll be paying more than 70% of vet bills. In addition, different insurance plans handle pre-existing conditions, serious injuries, and unexpected emergencies differently. If your dog is in the middle of a major surgery, for example, a high deductible can cost hundreds of dollars.

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When looking for pet insurance, it’s important to understand how much your premium will increase as your pet gets older. Generally, a puppy will pay around $35 per month, but if your dog is older, the premiums will increase to almost $1,800 per year. Even if the cost of vet bills is low, the monthly premiums will add up quickly and become unaffordable.

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