Is a Dual-OS Smartphone Possible?

A dual-OS smartphone might be possible. But the possibility is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, it may be impossible. In order for a smartphone to work effectively with two different operating systems, it must support both systems simultaneously. This isn’t possible now, since Android dominates the smartphone market. Samsung, for example, has reportedly considered a dual-OS smartphone, but the company has yet to launch it.

But there are ways to make dual-boot smartphones. A new technology called a “bare metal hypervisor” can run two operating systems simultaneously on a single device. A bare metal hypervisor is a lean cut-down OS that handles the CPU and GPU and lets the real OS handle the rest. By using a custom ROM, users can install the dual-boot operating systems on a smartphone. Once installed, the smartphone will boot into both systems. If the user chooses to use one OS while using the other, they can switch back and forth between them.

To be truly competitive, the smartphone needs to be fast. It cannot take a long boot sequence to start. In addition, the phone must be able to handle incoming calls and raise alarms. It should also be able to last for several hours on a single charge. The design of such a mobile device must focus on efficiency. It should support a variety of applications, and the battery should last for several days.

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