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Cannabis is a plant that has both benefits and harms. The advantage that is widely studied is that CBD and THC are therapeutic compounds. The proportions of both doses were specific for each disease. Therefore, it is necessary to check the strains of cannabis. Cannabis production To get CBD and THC that are suitable for utilization needs. But be aware that marijuana is also toxic to the body. Therefore, it must be studied well. Use as directed by your doctor. So it will be the safest. CBD shop Schweiz provide hemp oil CBD oil CBD cosmetics, etc.

Variety of cannabis strains 

The cannabis plant (Marijuana) is scientifically known as Cannabis sativa L. subsp. indica (Lam.) E. Small & Cronquist.

The main substances contained in cannabis are: 

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) helps the body relax. And have a psychoactive effect on reducing tension, but it must use in the right amount, and CBD (Cannabidiol) reduces inflammation of the wound. Reduce pain inhibits the growth of cancer cells

Marijuana is not a plant that can cure all diseases. Each strain of cannabis contains different compounds. In different quantities, Therefore, it is imperative to study to make sure that the amount of CBD and THC in cannabis is appropriate for the disease to be treated. Because in addition to CBD and THC, cannabis contains other compounds. Much more, both valuable and toxic.

The main marijuana strains of interest are:

1. Indica species Cannabis indica Lam.

There are areas with dry air in the Middle East, such as Afghanistan, China, Tibet, and Nepal. The appearance of a short, bushy plant. Broad leaves are usually dark green. Because there is a lot of chlorophyll, the flowers are close together, with low THC but higher CBD than Sativa. The flowers are commonly extracted as oil for medical use. After the onset of flowering, it will reach full maturity in 6 to 8 weeks and is an ideal species for indoor growing because the trunk is not as tall as the Sativa species. The flowers are plump and dense. There are various flavours and aromas ranging from spicy to pungent taste. With the sweet, fruit-like aroma, Indica strains are effective in combating pain, sedative, and the most relaxing effect Patients tend to use Indica strains. To help relieve insomnia and severe pain at the end of the day. Because it has a very intoxicating effect, its sedative and analgesic properties make it highly sought after by medical patients. It is available at CBD shop Schweiz.

3. Ruderlis species Cannabis Ruderlis Janisch

Originating in central Russia, it has a small amount of THC and is a strain that is rarely grown for recreational use but has a high content of CBD, so it has gained immense popularity. In addition, the Ruderalis cultivar is interesting for its age-dependent flowering. Instead of a cycle of light is the flowering autoflowering. This means that even if the species is grown indoors for 24 hours in the morning, it will bloom according to its genetic schedule. Therefore, when crossbreeding this species with an Indica or Sativa strain, the result will be more likely to bloom. autoflowering and has a higher CBD content.

Development of cannabis strains

The benefits of crossbreeding are Breeders can create cultivars that meet the needs of growers and patients. Currently, hybrid species are popular in the market. Because there is a quantity of important substances that meet the needs of utilization such as

1. Hybrid Sativa Dominant

The Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is a medicinal drug with the same motivating and paranoid properties as the pure Sativa strain. The Sativa dominant strain makes it feel good and energetic. And it makes you think of cerebral high, perfect for daytime smoking. It also has antidepressant and appetite-stimulating properties. Many benefits can be used as medicine.

2. Hybrid Indica Dominant (Hybrid Indica Dominant)

Indica-dominant hybrids are considered the best. And it is widely appreciated for its medical benefits. For example, the Kush strain has several properties that match the preferences of both growers and patients. Therefore, the vast majority of medical cannabis are indica hybrids. It is also available in CBD shop Schweiz.

3. Indica and Ruderalis hybrids

 This strain has higher levels of CBD, making it useful as a sleep aid for those suffering from injuries, insomnia, or severe inflammation.

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