A rash on the face is a sign of a sensitive skin problem.

Skin problems found on each person’s face are different. One of the symptoms that occur frequently is rash on the face, itching, can occur for many reasons, especially those with sensitive skin that is the original capital and still faced with pollution, dust or dirt that clings to the face. Whenever the body starts sending a bad signal. It is necessary to quickly look for a way to prevent it. Do not let the symptoms spread more than before.

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What are the characteristics of itching from a rash on the face?

People with rashes on their faces, itching, often show a different itching sensation. Whether it is itching from a small red rash that resembles a prickly heat rash. to a very itchy feeling that I feel like scratching my face all the time Because the rash looks like pustules Depending on the cause of the face, including the condition of the strength of the facial skin in each individual However, with the combination of such itching, when scratching a lot, it can cause redness, peeling of the skin, and even a burning sensation.

The dangers of a rash on the face

Some people may think that it’s just a rash on the face, itching, no big deal, just find a pill to apply, take antihistamines, or some people leave it unattended, but it’s actually dangerous to the skin and body. as follows

burning pain in the face

Usually caused by itching and then scratching without paying attention to what the root cause is. When scratching doesn’t heal, it gets harder and harder and harder to scratch, resulting in a sensitive face. Sensitivity from the rash already has a burning sensation. became more suffering both physically and mentally

The surface is peeling, both flaky and flaky.

When the skin on the face has a rash and is not treated properly Such skin cells will become old cells and peel off clearly. As a result, many people with rashes often have flaky, flaky, flaky faces until they notice the uneven skin tone. Some spots are peeling off a lot. Causing the skin to be exposed to external factors such as sunlight, pollution, and sometimes become more allergic and irritable.

There were other complications.

Some people go from just a normal rash to become widespread until there are other symptoms that come with complications, such as atopic dermatitis. This is a disease that cannot be cured and can occur at any time when the immune system is weak or skin problems arise and are not properly treated.

Aids in treating rashes on the face

Now that you know the dangers of a rash on your face, itching, let’s see if there’s anything that can help you get rid of these symptoms or even cure them.

– The main use of cream for sensitive skin is that it must not contain perfume, alcohol, or oil.

– Taking medicine – Apply the medicine as recommended by the doctor or pharmacist.

– Pay attention to your face, such as cleaning regularly. not scratching even it itches Avoid encountering various risk factors.

Everyone wants themselves to be healthy both physically and mentally. Whenever you feel that you are experiencing a rash on your face, itching, you need to seek treatment or adjust your behavior immediately. Minimizing the spread of additional hazards And if you feel unbearable, you should see a doctor immediately.

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